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Education on air conditionion and heat pumps
You live in Florida, so no one has to tell you that the combination of high temperature and humidity can make things very uncomfortable. That's where air conditioning comes in. The process is pretty simple. Air is circulated from the cold air returns in you home, over some chilled coils, where its temperature is lowered and moisture is removed. This conditioned air is then returned to your living space through the ceiling vents in each room. The process continues until some predetermined temperature set in a thermostat is reached.

Heat removed from the air is moved out doors in the process. Place your hand near a working air conditioner and you will feel the heat.

In the winter, this process can be reversed. Even though the air outside is cold, it still contains some heat. If this air is refrigerated, it will become still cooler, and the heat removed can be moved indoors to warm your home in the winter. This reverse refrigeration process is called a heat pump. Air conditioning in reverse. Strange as it may seem, heating your home this way is far more efficient and less costly than using simple resistance heating, the kind found in your electric hot water heater and electric stove.
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